Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update your i-Pad/Pod/Phone with IOS 4.2 software

IOS 4.2 software update now available free of charge via iTunes store, just plug your iPad, your iPod Touch, or your iPhone to your computer, follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes and get it updated!

The IOS 4.2 brings new features to your iP ad/od/ho
ne, at the top of these features:

1- IOS 4.2 enables you to create folders on your iPad.

Click on the pic for larger view
Tip: To create a folder you have to click while keep holding the
application icon until it pounces and then move/ insert each icon into the other

2- Multitasking from iPhone and iPod Touch to iPad.

Click on the pic for larger view
Tip:To check the task bar double click the home button

3- AirPrint: you can print your emails, pictures, docs, and webpages easily through the AirPrint.
4- AirPlay where you can stream digital media wirelessly.
5- You can locate your missing devise via MobileMe and locate it in the map.

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