Saturday, January 24, 2009

Choosing among web browsers

Which Web Browsers Are You Using? Why?

As for me it depends on the purpose of using it.. for instance, I use AOL browser to gain access to blocked websites!

When I am using my mac OS I prefer to use FireFox. and with Windows OS I normally use Internet Explorer 7. Sometimes I shift between Flock, Opera and Chrome. But most of the time I use MSIE 7.0. Dont ask me why! It just makes me feel comfortable while I am using it!
I leave you with some statistical data presented in a bie chart for the Usage Share of Web Browsers 2008 Q4. Source --> Wikipedia


  1. I use IE for one of my hotmail emails.
    I use firefox for my other hotmail email and for sending emails from yahoo.
    but I mostly use chrome for browsing. I feel it's much faster and when on tab is stuck, not all tabs are affected :)

  2. i use internet explorer min sinat il 6uwa3een
    i had firebox ib my linux laptop bs ma 3ajabni kilish

    madri im looking for something better than internet explorer sara7a..

    btw i love ur blog! :D

  3. i use Safari..
    bs i like firefox, and IE is annoying.

  4. Chrome! its intelligent, its light, super simple, super fast and never crashed so far.

    If it would crash one day, only the tab of the page that crashes would close, leaving your other tabs up and running normally, unlike Firefox or IE that closes everything you have open on you..

  5. I use flock for social stuff
    firefox for business related things
    I.e. for hotmail
    chrome for random odd tasks when everything else is runnin kinda slow :P

  6. I usually prefer Firefox (plain vanilla, no plug-ins) , but sometimes I tend to use Avant Browser (It uses IE engine) for it's flexibility in turning OFF java, flash, ActiveX, sounds, scripts ...etc

    Tried Chrome when it was first announced, but didn't like it

  7. i mostly use internet explorer .. cuz i'm just kinda used to it .. but i aslo use Firefox when i enter the blog .. cuz when i use internet explorer i always get these annoying messages asking stuff =p ..

  8. im more interested on what are the blocked site that you need AOL browser to see them ;)


    as for myself, im a firefox man and i recomeedn that the next post should be 'what add-ons are you using for firefox '

  9. It turns out that most of you guys use IE/FireFox.

    Thanks..7beebti wallah :)

    Patrick Semaan
    I do agree with you, chrome is simple and light.

    Aurous & highrevver & atoona
    Mashallah 3leekom..different browser for different tasks "awesome" :)

    سـهـيـر زكــي
    You've got an amazing profile!

    Don't get me wrong ;)
    Skype is one of the blocked sites

  10. I use Fire Fox mostly and IE if some websites dont support FF and I think its one of the best!

  11. i prefer mozilla if i am using windows, but if it is mac, i will stick with safari. i like opera but its kinda fragile to a lot of things - at least that's what i think


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