Monday, January 19, 2009

UshopWeship sucks big time!

Who said ushopweship delivers your shipment within a week?!! If I told you that before, then I am sorry!!

If however you are using this service and receive your shipment within 2 to 3 weeks then I consider you as a lucky person.

I've been experiencing the worst service ever from ushopweship..from the day I order until receiving my stuff. No trakcing system + unusual delay. You have to call them frequently and barely you'll have a good answer!

Now put your self in this situation

You've placed an order from the US using your forward mail "ushopweship". 7 days later you called ushopweship to check on your shipment! The lady who works there told you: send us an email and mention the tracking number, your mail box number, and the date. You did exactly what she told you! 3 days later.. you called them back and ask again for your shipment.. You were informed that the shipment is still in the US! And it’ll take two more days until it reaches Kuwait. Again.. again and again. You start wondering about your shipment! Another more two days passing and still no one called.. not even an email from them to know the status of your shipment ! You call them back and as usual "we didn't receive your shipment yet". and every time you call them they give you different excuses.

Exc1: The flight from the US is canceled.
Exc2: The airport is holding the shipment.
Exc3: The tracking system is down.
Exc4: The driver is busy with many packages to be delivered.
Exc5: Your shipment is on hold in the customs.

I hate it when I call them and one lady tells me something, and the next day another lady tells me something totally different. Now the worst part... When you need to talk to their manager and ask them for his/her telephone number.
And guess what was their answer!? -> "Ma'am I cannot give you the manager number"!! What? WTH!!!?


  1. i feel u, i really do :( .. last time they almost lost 2 of my items,it was delivered to some one else out of kuwit : O
    and now when i tracked my item it says that it has been shipped since 3days and still there are no updates in my account i mean WTH !!
    they suck, they really really do !
    so what am i going to do if usws sucks and aramex sucks as well :(
    n 3 shipments are on their way to my usws mailbox in US!!
    allah yaster :s


    both ayshay! Allah y3eeenich 3leeehom!

  3. 2eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh Allah y3eeenich... kartha

  4. Ekh~ thanks for letting me know! i was thinkin about orderin some shoes

  5. Ok .. now i agree 100% with you !!

    i really consider ushopweship as an output of how blogs can really influence ppl !!

    for me .. i first known them from the blogs .. i registered with them .. they were cool at the beggining .. and then .........................

    ya3ny ana 7ashatny moshkelten ma3ahom ebsho7neten wara ba3a'6 5alatny ba3ad a7laf ba3ad ma at3amal ma3ahom !!

    la wel moshkela el akbar .. their support SUCKS!!!!!!!

    i keep calling them and they keep sayin we will check and let you know .. o 6anaaaaaaaaaaaash !!

    9ij USHOPWESHIP shareka 5athat da3aya o som3a ehy mo gadha .. o ana met2akad ena el blogs kan laha ta2theer keber 3ala ena el nas 3refathom o sagalat 3endohom !!

    la ba3ad la tro7een mokanhom o etshofen shloon e3amlon el boxes malot el shippments .. 3ady el te7ethef 3endohom .. mal 3amek la ehemk !!!!!!

  6. Anony
    min galb kartha!

    you are welcome :)

    When I first registered with ushopweship they were totally different.. en`3areeeet fehoooom! everything was just perfect, and my shipments usually arrive in time without even calling them!
    but after a while I noticed how they changed 180 degree! despite this change I kept using their service. but everything got a limit! I can't tolerate them anymore!specially hathi elee trid 3la el phone calls "like an answer machine with the same words repeating them whenever I ask about my things ebjomooooooood wa hodoo2 a39aab O 3adam mobalat". plus after what you mentioned about how they treat our stuff 7a6eeet 3leeehom triple bold/capital X's.

  7. also experienced problems with them... 3 cases:

    1) they lost my brother's sweater
    2) they made me pay 30 dinars for a work out DVD worth 5 (it was a gift so i bit my lower lip and payed)
    3) played cat and mouse with their local courier here, if you think waiting for your item while its in the UK/US is painful then you have not experienced the 'joy' having your item here in Kuwait and wait for every morning for 5 days

    however, i am a firm believer in the Kuwaiti proverb "catch you crazy so as not to get a crazier one". so guess who just bought today to item from the us with youshopweship :D lol

  8. I dont have an account with them but recently when I used a friends account to get some items. The items arrived after 3 weeks!

  9. Q80thug
    I didn't face case 1 thanks god, yet not anymore since I am not gonna deal with them again!However, case 2 and 3 are not new to me! I didn't mention that though!
    Sometimes they ask me to call the driver to check on my package! imagine that? which as you said:"playing cat & mouse".

  10. AMU

    Then you are one of the lucky people I've already mentioned about! :)

  11. is the best

  12. Abdulrahman
    Thanks for the info! tell me, how long does it take your shipment through "" to reach Kuwait?

  13. techie check my blog!!!!!!

  14. costs double the price of shipping than ushopweship...

    for example a 4.5 KG shipment will cost you $96.37 in (if registered under "Premium" which means paying $20 for setup and $7 monthly or $60 yearly) while it will cost you only $52 in ushopweship...!

    On the other hand, i agree with you, ushopweshop service sucks !

  15. highrevver

    I will :)


    Yeah you are right..very eXpeNsIve! 2.0 kg $85.35 @@
    and yes ushopweship $52 + driving u insane!
    anyways thank for the information :)

  16. THANK YOU!!!

    3ad kint baba6il box 3indohom cuz ive had it up with aramex!!

  17. My.Silhouetter.In.Red

    You are welcome :) and don't you!

  18. You tell me about it! both USWS & Aramex Sucks!!

  19. I just signed up with them. I ordered a sony reader from amazon. It took 3 days for it to be delivered to my ushopweship in box--that was 3 weeks ago!!! Last Thursday they informed me it is being held at customs :( :( Hopfully I wud get it by my birthday--July!!

  20. Darya
    Then happy belated birthday gift!! shakelhom Aug wentai el9aja!!! anyways hope to find a solution for shipment problems!

  21. you should try World Ship by UPS - the best shipping company in the world !

  22. Anony
    Will check the website ^__^ thanks.

  23. ITS USHOP-THEY-SHITT...!!! its really substandard service running on the mercy of skynet service at the all are right, once i ordered two box as a single consignment, but they shipped it in increments so my shipment was held in customs with arrival of each box and charged seperately each.i paid twice the custom for sigle that fair ...they really screw..

  24. Of course Anony it isn't fair at all! add to that the worse customer service ever from USTHS!

  25. USHOPWESHIP are the biggest crooks. I have been using them for over 3 years and their service has deteriorated. This is the final straw for me after i get my latest packages then im leaving them for good. why?

    1: i ordered 4 dvds came to about $30 . 0.5kg… 2.5kwd.. ordered on 31st january.. its now 9th may and they are still in customs in kuwait.

    2: i ordered 2 backpacks and 2 gloves, total value $213.. shipping weight 2.5kg, they want to charge me 14.500 kd? not only that, the total charges will be 44.650kd… they say its for customs charges..

    now what they said is they couldnt get them out of customs at that time because there were not enough other shipments from other customers for them to get them out of customs, so they want me to pay all the charges.. or her words were “if you have a wasta maybe u can try to get them out cheaper”

    im still in the process of getting my things back. i am preparing all the recepits and all documentation, i am trying to set up a meeting with their manager. I have a good mind to consult my lawyer and see if there is cause for a case because i havent signed anything to say i would pay customs charges.. and they are deliberately leaving my packages in customs.



  26. Anony..

    I took this decision already at that time and since the day of "this post" after my bad experience with them and all the frustrations I had from UshopWeShip.

    "or her words were" <--- reminds me of those days lol when I used to call them "ALWAYS THE SAME LADY" answers my call back and explain (the delay, price issues, and bla bla bla) with no good reasons. Her bad excuses really drive me insane, and one day, I reached to a point that I will NEVER ever use their service again, no matter WHAT!

    I totally agree with you.. why not? consult a lawyer ? you wont lose, and yet you may gain :)


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