Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Honesty Award Tag

I've been tagged by atoona for the Honesty award tag!

1- Two things I cannot live without Internet and Water!

2- I extremely believe that nothing is impossible as long as we set a good plan and stick to it.

3- For me it is a quite easy to trust people even if I do not really know them! but if someone break this trust he or she will never get it back again!

4- I hate all the insects even more than snakes and crocodiles!

5- I love to travel a lot and discover many cultures as long as I have the chance to do so.

6- I prefer fine dinning more than going to the cinema.

7- I am very moody and my mood changes quickly, it all depends on my temperament!

8- I love solving puzzles :)

9- I never give up! and my motto is "If it is going to be it is up to me".

10- When it comes to fears.. I only fear god & Plane takeoff.

I am tagging Glitter & Ra1


  1. 10 ) plane take off ??? thats the fun part plane landing is scary

  2. Yes plane takeoff :( for me landing is the fun part ;)as most of the plane crashes when takeoff!

  3. Entay 3ajeeba mashaAllah! loved your personality :)

    Thanks for tagging me :D

    btw Wanasa your blog is snowing!

  4. Ra-1

    :) thank you
    You better wear something warm whenever you enter my blog!!

  5. i like puzzles too :D
    and i SO wana adopt ur "nothing is impossible" idea!.. i'll be busy setting my plan now ;)

  6. No matter how excited I am about my travel sitting in plane is always scary ;p not that I am really scared but in general!

  7. Amu
    The idea of flying it self scary!


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