Sunday, October 26, 2008

Second Week At AUM

I've been busy lately with the beginning of my first semester at AUM for the MBA program. So far everything tend to be just cool..I have three lectures for this semester each lecture require 3 hours attendance per day/week, and a half hour break in the middle of the lecture.
The timing is somehow flexible but since it is a long way driving from Kuwait city to Al Egaila where the new building of the University located, I am reaching home late at night!
The teaching staff are excellent, and the program was so organised and very well structured.
I also had a different/positive view/concept for business , which one day was out of my concern before attending the MBA program. I didn't like financial accounting that much :( but I started loving economics :)
I eat a late breakfast the day I am having lectures and skip both lunch and dinner meal! I might eat light snack when I am back to home from the University, but the thing that I don't have time for dinner, usually I don't eat late at night! and I barely have my shower when am back,spend few hours reading/surfing, then sleEep Zzzzz.
As for lunch, if I ate my lunch before going to the University I would end up in laziness! and I might lose concentration! "in fact it does not really matter since it would be an added advantage to lose some weights"!


  1. oooohhhh ana ba3ad 2nd week of my MBA - wiya ay jam3a r u doing it?? Strathclyde??

  2. 3anooda

    Really! cooool :)
    Me with the the American University of the Middle East - AUM .

  3. so now we can compare notes - i just took a pic of my books.

  4. 3anooda

    sure :)
    why don't you post some pics of your books!


    Thank you :)

  5. done deal honey

  6. wow not into much economic girl but good luck really !

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  8. 3anooda
    Thanks :) am gona check your books now!

    ♥ P-Ella ♥
    Thanks sweetie (`*)

  9. best of luck inshalla ;)

    do you recommend the place? :p

  10. nemo

    Thank you :)

    absolutely, I highly recommend it..If you are planning to join the business school an willing to do projects instead of thesis then go for it.
    AUM is very organized in term of study material/program and staff.

  11. thnx :) im actually in the process of thinking about doing it :p


    haa how is it?? AUM aqsed?? tn97een feha?

    3aad my ex will join u il course il yaaaay ;p help him haaaa ;p ma wa9eech ;p

    help him as in khaleeeh yakheth kila F's hehehehe

  13. palomino

    Thanks sweetie :)
    Yes of course ansa7 feha!

    Afa 3aleech ;) will do my best when it comes to your ex, F's is a must!

  14. hehehehehe eeeh wely ey3feech LOL

    bas daam tn97een feha 3yal i will tell my bro, coz kaan m7taaar byn masstrikht & AUM..

    3ad okhy halla halla feeh ;p

  15. PaLoMiNo

    Inshallah :)


    Thanks 7beebti ^__^

  16. AUM sucks big time
    I paid 500 kd for the seat & also GMAT & TOEFL fees & guess what? they canceled March course & postpone it to October!! KMBS is much better choice.

  17. SG

    Any idea why they canceled March course?

    cause what I know when I firstly joined AUM that the first semester for the next patch will start on OCT 2009! As I wanted to postponed my attendance to the next semester but they told me in this case I have to wait for one year!

  18. Yes The Same happend with me I registered and Paid 500 KD after 5 months they called and said sorry we canceled. I could wait so I registred KMBS and I will start next month

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