Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex & the City is back |\The Movie/|

I've been a fan for Sex and the City series, the show that comprises both romance and comedy.
The whole series of SANC are now repeated in a movie! Cannot wait to watch it, I am so excited ^__^ and eager to see how they span the entire series in a single movie!
In fact I am so in love with their friendship, and it is really nice to see four of its main charecter again --> Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and of course Mr. Big.


  1. i always wanted to watch sex and the city bas my mom always thought it was porn

  2. eulalia
    Well ma alom your mom she was probably confused with the name!!
    Let her watch one episode and then she would decide whether to give you the permission to watch it or not!

  3. I have never watched it but heard alot about it...

  4. Can't wait to watch it either,

    I already know the plot, and what they are all gonna wear, and from which designer, but I need to see it live! PRONTO!

  5. ..::amu::..
    It's worth to watch :)

    and I wondered why my blog was shining!! ;)
    I need to see it live too :(


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