Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The New Iphone 3G

Apple is introducing their new edition of Iphone 3G with much faster speed and lower price as low as $199. The new Iphone permits the developer to create their own applications. IP3G now available in two colors and storage capacity, either black/8GB or white/8GB & 16GB of memory. The new Iphone 3G will be available for customers on July 11 for most of the countries.

Features added to the Iphone 3G:

1-3G Speed.
2- Active Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange.
3- GPS.
Enhanced email management.
Searching contacts.


  1. the coolest feature will have to be "real" GPS/local based software ..... very cool indeed.

  2. I felt lost reading this post,
    killish ma afham bl technologia :-/

    7addi nokia phone: send, end, text msg, o camera !!

  3. glitter
    You will need it one day, and especially when you are abroad and willing to start blogging from your mobile ;)
    "Tadreen ma nesta`3na 3an your posts 7eta wintay msafra".

  4. looks like a nice phone but i am not a touch screen person!

  5. amu
    The problem with touchscreen cellphones is when you accidentally press other buttons, which is really frustrating.


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