Sunday, February 1, 2009

7 days offer from q8 ISP's

I've been using Qnet for a while now. My DSL subscription will end this month. I didn't decide yet whether to renew with qnet or not!
Recently I made a comparison between Qnet and other Internet Service Providers. I noticed that there is a big difference in term of price/speed between Qent and the other ISP's. but I am not sure about the quality/connection reliability of their service!

If You are a fasttelco or KEMS user, I need some reviews..!
What is your ISP? Do you recommend it or not? and why :) ??

Don't miss the 7 days offer from Fasttelco, KEMS, and Qnet.


  1. I've been using KEMS for over a year... The connection is very good. At the time when the internet cable broke and everyone lost their internet connection, we still had a connection even though it was slow :)
    but I haven't tried any other ISP so my opinion isn't really objective :D

  2. I use WNET USB device and the speed is crappy I cant have a DSL at home as they have stopped giving new telephone lines in my area!

  3. our house has FastTelco for a few years now, their customer service is great, and i think its open 24 hours too. They havn't complained about it as far as i know... oh and you get a free wireless router too.

  4. kems => add 50% off
    so the 2 mbps is for 180 kd

    thats what i understood from my uncle,

    im planning to go there tomorrow

    and yes i've been with quality net for like 8 years .. hard to change!


  5. Well at my home desktop i use Global Direct, that one is mainly for downloading stuff thru torrents (basically its downloading 24/7). I guess it's been over 6months now and the service is pretty much stable from what i've seen. i pay 50kd a month, although i must confess for some reason i cant remember if its 1mb or 2mb ... basically the DL speed peaks at 200 kb/s with torrents that have good connections.. which is good enough in my books.

    when im around and about i use Wnet. well their service is crappy, but since i only use it for light usage and the occasional download its not so bad. 30kd for that one.

  6. i had a very bad exp with fasttelco before , now it has been around a yr with KEMS , so far so good , stable and good customer service. never had problems with d/l or speed or downtimes. i recommend it ..allah eytamim 3alaihum

  7. Argh, I pay less than 50KD per year for a 16MB Broadband connection in London.

    Kuwait Internet is expensive for "not so good" services.

  8. Thank for the info guys :) appreciated.

    Indeed it is expensive, but 16MB is pretty awesome! lucky you man :)

  9. so? which one did you decide on in the end?

  10. Seattle dude

    Qnet of course :) they have good offers ending today. besides, I've been using Qnet for years now and so far no problems with them. also their price for the 2MB is quite reasonable.
    and it says: "Khalik 3la maynonik la eyeek elee ayan minah"!!!!!

  11. Back home we use to have shownet ba3dyn khalaa9 o 7awlna fasttelco
    hmmmmm bayne o bynch nafs il 6aag o madry zwyneen... bas 9arlee fatra mo bel kuwait so madry shkhbra ;X


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