Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Random

Happy Valentine's Day VS. Happy Midterm Exam Day

I had my third and last Midterm Exam yesterday "Ma bagheena!"

Why "H/ M/ E/ D/"? well, for two reasons:

1- it was in the V day!! 2-In this exam I did much better than the previous ones!

I feel quite relaxed now, after being totally busy for the last two weeks.

Morning..morning ,Heading 2 the D & StarBucks
Concentration is a must! Small/Short Caramel Macchiato with Two Times Extra Caramel plzzz!

Where all the guys go?!

The Silence... Before the Exam

Our class room

I miss my niece little SaroOon!

I've couple of books to read,and others to order!

Need to get more from the e-bars,

The e-bar is a combination of "multi-fibres & dry fruits".

It fills your stomach for hours, excellent

meal for breakfast. frankly, it does not

taste that good. but it sounds so healthy.

Traffic is one thing I don't like about Sunday's and especially after

the weekends. being late for 15 minutes or so,means staying up to an hour searching for parking!


  1. wa7alat'ha hal Saroona :** cutaah

    btw, it took me ages to figure out that Ca is not Calcium and CM= Caramel Mochiato :P

    it feels good to be finally relax, doesn't it? inshallah u did great :D

  2. First thing your baby saroona looks sooo kewllll :D

    Second welcome back and your class room looks really nice :)

  3. atoona

    loooooooool :) no not calcium at all!

    Thanks ^__^ actually she is my niece, but yes she is my babe!

  4. I thought Ca was calcium as well ;p

    and congrats on finishing your midterms

    w y7lelha saroona... allah y5aleeha lekom :)

  5. Aurous

    Ca have been changed to Caramel :)
    Thanks, teslemen my dear.

  6. That hallway is so eerily quiet...scares me :O

    CUUUUTEY Nice...mashalla :)

    That under $50 webpage caught my attention...I'm trying to figure out the name of that online shopping site--figured it out...max and chloe, right?

    That parking lot is making me dizzy

    The chocolate and macaron on your sidebar is making me hungry

  7. i meant CUUUTEY *niece

  8. * new campus!

    * cute niece :)

    * ebars whats that :p alien food? :p


  9. Darya

    Right it's max & chloe ;)
    If you didn't try "chocolate and macaron" yet, you should definitely give it a try "Latheeth"


    Yeah sort of ^__^ you can say semi alien food loool! but believe me it's so healthy!

  10. whooow el7imdella u did good in ur examz ! i'm glad to hear it =D


  12. Seattle dude

    free upgrade from Vista to windows 7 on June 2009!! well this is pretty awesome, so no need to buy the new version :)
    what benefits they would gain from that? guess they are still marketing on Vista!!

    Thanks for the info dude :)

  13. hey there!

    how was ur midterm
    happy belated valentines day :P
    wow is that AUM?

  14. mamaeetaa how are ur grades??? waynch nabe post ydeed ;)

  15. Another-Penelope & PaloMiNo

    My grades :( Allah kareem
    I've final exams starting from tomorrow.. Allah Yastir!

    Need your prayers dudes!


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