Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Apple Officially Announced iPhone 5

Yes it's thinner, lighter & faster, but taller :( which is something I didn't really like about the new iPhone! Why taller ? Maybe Apple just wanted to slightly change the visual appearance to their new iPhone, to differentiate the it from the previous iPhones. Other than that I don't see a good reasons for the extra 0.37 inches in height, and I find the height/size of the previous iPhones much nicer!

iPhone 5 supports the LTE"Long Term Evolution" 4G.  The existing micro-sim cards is no longer compatible with the new iPhone 5! If your carrier do not provide the nano-sim card then you have to wait until they decide to do so! a month? 3 month? a year? who knows! Cutting a Micro-Sim card to Nano-Sim size won't work! Why? Because the Nano-Sim is 15 % thinner than the Micro-Sim cards.  The new iPhone comes with a lightning connector much slimmer than the previous 30-pin connector, and the price range is between $199 and $ 399.  

You don't have to get the new iPhone 5 to enjoy all the new feature available in iOS 6, you still can upgrade your old iPhone (is it really old?), to iOS 6 which comes with a great new app called Passbook a place where you can keep all your stuff organized (Boarding Passes, Loyalty cards, Cinema Tickets, gift cards, etc..) and get instant updates on your flight status, transactions, and other features.  

Online pre-orders starts September 14, and it'll be available at Apple Retail Store on September 21. 


  1. tell me about it :( and I am up at 01:30 ET to pre order it!! I tried using the Samsung S3 and just didnt like it..Even though its good its just not close to Iphone...

  2. lol same here and I wonder which of the three mobile operators will provide the nano-sim cards first! I too tried using the samsung and got the S2 long time ago, doesn't really seem cool to me at all! The only one thing i liked about the S3 is the water effect and the droplet sound ; )


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