Wednesday, August 3, 2011

in love with this book!

I've got this book from a small bookshop last month while I was in Italy. If you read the name of this book you'll think it's all about Mind Games! While in fact it's not ! The name  only reflects one of it's topics.  It’s more about a detailed information about the mind and everything related to our brain and it’s fictionality. It starts with an illustration of the inner contents of the brain, and then it goes through some facts about it, like how to enhance your brain functionality, and the nutrients needed for brain enhancement. Then it continuos with other topics like “memorization, optical illusions, synchronicity, speed reading,  reading body language, telepathy, stress reducing tips, etc..”.   I am not done yet with it, but I can tell from what i’ve already read it’s an amazing book!


Hello buddy!