Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chocolate & Macaroon

Chocolate & Macaroon is specialized on thier famous Macaroon "a french traditional pastry" Which comes in different flavors "Rose, Framboise, Chocolate, Pistache, Vanille, Cafe, and Caramel".. Their menu not only contain Macaroons & Desserts but also Mini & little tiny burgers which is irresistible!
You can find Chocolate & Macaroon on Facebook and through their website tel.22253127


  1. I was there yesterday..I just discovered the place and I love it!
    My favorite is the 'hot-dog fries' dish.. its delicious!
    I'm still yet to decide which dessert dish is my favorite since I've only been there twice.

  2. Didn't try their "Hot-Dog Fries" but since you said its delicious will defiantly give it a try!

  3. For some reason this is the I cant rem which time I am trying to post comments here and they are not published! :S

    The pics look soo yummy and I am hungry so I need anything now :D

  4. This could be answer to all my problems :D


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