Monday, March 16, 2009

Very Intelligent Pocket

Your handbag contains all your essentials, travels with you from bag to bag. With Very Intelligent Pocket from Tintamar You change your bag, but your portable stays in its place.

The intelligent Pocket comes in different sizes, and colors, where you can put all your stuff in a stylish, supple and hard wearing material.

With the VIP I don't have to keep searching for my stuff inside my bag!! nor do I have to carry my things every time I change my bag!! it's just made things easier for me, so practical and cool .

VIP is now available at PYTHON - Dar Al Awadhi, Basement. T: 22322808


  1. a very intelligent person must've thought of that :)
    really cool :D

  2. my sis has something like this but its beige.. this one looks cooler ;)
    *sneakily grabs a couple of Fruit Gushers*

  3. I like the color :) looks really nice...

  4. What's wrong with using just one bag instead of changing all the time? ;P

  5. I love these I have about 5.. i buy one each time I am on Luthansa Airlines lol.. I use one of them for my knitting.. and because now i have a baby, I don't carry a handbag, I just go out with the baby bay, and my things are in there in the VIP ;)

  6. Aurous
    Indeed :)

    Be my guest ^__^

    Yeah bright and flashy

    That is kinda impossible ;)

    You tell me about it ---> Your knittin
    (Mashallah)7adhoom raw3a! the thing I like about the VIP that there is a place for everything.


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