Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maachla Online Grocery

While I was on facebook.. there was an ad for a local grocery called Maachla. They follow the same concept of taw9eel "online grocery to home delivery".
I didn't try it yet. but I did some comparisons between "Taw9eel" and "Maachla" in terms of price and menu variety. Maachla is slightly cheaper than taw9eel. and they provide great deal of variety in their website.

Who's next? -----> :) "More competitor + cheaper prices".

For more information about Maachla visit there website


  1. nice website
    awwal marra ashofa ..

    what has paypal logo to do on ur blog?:s just wondering

  2. nice :)

    it' the first time I hear about this! It's cool to see this kind of competition.

  3. Cr8ivia

    thanks :)

    It is an ad to paypal. when you click on it you'll be taken directly to the registration form. They provide a great service.

  4. I thought this site was quite user friendly, I actually was tempted to try them out and found there prices vastly different from those of taw9eel's. Normal white toast is 150 fils on Maachla while it was 249 fils on taw9eel..and like u said Technogal, since they're co-operating with Mishref Co-op their portfolio is bound to be bigger than taw9eels..

    Glad there's such a thing as e-grocery shopping now in Kuwait..makes life much easier dont u agree?

  5. Noor

    Yes there is a big price difference between Taw9eel and Maachla! When taw9eel first lunched their website the pricing was resnoble.. until one day I discovered a sudden increase in their prices!!
    And yes I do agree with you Noor, life tend to be much easier with e-groceries :)

  6. Interesting....Who's coming next? mmmm Amu ;p


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