Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My recent order from Amazon

I've received my order from amazon, I wanted to see House Md season 2 and 3 since season 1 was so interesting. also I have ordered other TV series:

- Nip Tuck season four.
- Dirt season one.
- The Unit season one.
I wanted to order Weeds season 2, but it seems I missed hitting the add to shopping cart button! and then I totally forgot about it! I was using my UshopWeship account, and my stuff was hold for only one day in the customs, which is really awesome :)


  1. you should check out a new Series called New Amsterdam pretty cool to watch if you are into decetive kind of things,,keep in mind though there is a twist in there.

    what did u think of niptuck?

  2. Z.: Nip tuck is an interesting TV Show and it's worth the watching.. It is about two plastic surgeons,best friends who glamorous south beach practice. I didn't watch season 4 yet.. but I can tell from season 2 and 3 that it is an amazing TV Series!
    I'll make sure to add New Amsterdam to my next order from Amazon :)

  3. haha yeah by the way it just keeps getting wose and worse:P season 4 is messed up and 5 is aswa2,, nothing seems to go right for these ppl ahaha enjoy


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